Optimizing for Voice Search

Optimizing for Voice Search

If you have been dismissing the importance of voice search until this point, you’re missing out.  Here’s some interesting data, 55% of teens use voice search regularly and 56% of adults are using it to.  It’s convenient and fairly handy while you juggling a handful of things and for many people it makes them feel pretty tech savvy.  With 2017 just around the corner this technology is only going to grow and you need to start optimizing for voice search.

Search trends have changed dramatically in the past decades  and we have gone from typing in just a few keywords into the search bar for example “plumber Austin” to currently being able to speak into your phone “my toilet is broken find me a plumber near me”.  Google has gotten more intuitive over the years and SEO has had to change to keep up.

Why it needs to be part of your marketing strategies

If you want to stay ahead of your competition in the SEO game then you need to incorporate voice search as part of your strategies.  It is not the same as a typed search.  For example in text search someone may type in “restaurant Seattle” but in voice search they may say something along the lines of “where is the nearest restaurant?”  The growth of voice search goes hand in hand with the growth in mobile search and the number of smart phone users is still on the rise.

If you’re doing local SEO in anyway you absolutely can not overlook the impact voice will have.  Voice searches are four times more likely to be local and users are looking for location based products or services.  If you want to understand how voice search works grab your smartphone and start playing around with it.  Test it in your home town and see what kind of results it brings up.  Here is a video showing you how it works.

Looking to the future

It’s no exaggeration to say that optimizing for voice search will emerge at the forefront of SEO in the coming years.  You won’t have to wait long for it to happen either.  The growth of voice means more long tail searches and conversational phrases are going to see a jump in monthly searches.  Your content will need to address direst questions and gone are the days of optimizing for phrases like “plumber tampa”.  Get started now and get ahead of the competition.