The Evolution Of Electrical Power

Few technologies have changed forever the way in which humanity does things. Some, such as radio, television or the Internet, have had a significant impact on how we communicate and for better or for worse have modified our behavior as a society. Others have served to drive great technological changes. But few technologies can be said to have been so fundamental as to mark a new era for humanity.

Although most of us were born too late to feel what was before and after the arrival of electric power in our lives, electricity has probably been the discovery that has most influenced a change in humanity and the world. Just think for a moment, after such a fundamental breakthrough, humankind has achieved an overwhelming advance in a few decades, which would not be anywhere near possible if we did not have electricity.

From the communications to the endless entertainment media that we currently have, thanks to electrical energy, that machinery works at the atomic level and allows us to enjoy pleasures like the music that I listen to when writing these words. But things were not always like that.